Berry Shot

Berry Shot is a fruit vitamin bomb that is essential in the diet of everyone who wants to eat tasty and healthy food. Perfect for consumption in liquid form and as an addition to yoghurts, cakes or oatmeal, which will never be boring and colorless again. Thanks to Berry Shot, you will gain a lot of energy, and your skin, hair and nails will be in great condition. This powdered sweetness regulates blood sugar levels, contains numerous antioxidants, will improve your circulation. Berry Shot contains a small amount of calories, and at the same time a huge amount of vitamins and microelements, which makes it an indispensable element in a slimming diet. It is thanks to Berry Shot that you will feel beautiful, young with a boosted metabolism at top speed!

Ingredients: freeze-dried raspberry powder, freeze-dried blueberry powder, freeze-dried chokeberry powder, freeze-dried berry powder, freeze-dried strawberry powder, freeze-dried black currant powder, freeze-dried blackberry powder.

Preparation and dosage: Add about 10 g (2 teaspoons) of Berry Shot to 100 ml of water or milk thoroughly stirring for approx. 1 min.

Hygroscopic product – keep the container tightly closed in a dry and cool place
The package contains 150g.
Made in Poland.

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