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4 date flavors of power balls with unique taste and nutriens. It’s a sweet snack, without sugar.

A healthy and quick energy boost during the day. Packed in 9 or 18 pieces.

They are a perfect idea for a sweet and healthy gift.

Powdered supplements in six flavors enclosed in colored tubes.

Superfoods, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables forming unique compositions supporting health and beauty. 
Make a healthy and tasty drink, then the energy will fill you throughout the day

Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders, ideal as smoothies, additives for cakes,
desserts, pancakes, yoghurts, oatmeal and any other dishes you have composed!
Condensed power of vitamins and nutritional values in 100g pack.

Your breakfast will never be tasteless and without colour.
Our muesli was made from the best quality ingredients without any addition preservatives and dyes. Choose your favourite taste in the morning.

A line of the healthiest seeds and nuts that should reign on your tables. We care about the quality of products sold and the competitiveness of our prices on the market.

A line of unique ready bread mixes. Our mixes are chock full of seeds, nuts and dried fruits. Easy way to prepare your own bread.

Tasty and healthy!

What is freeze-drying process ?

The freeze-drying process is the drying of food at a temperature below – 40 ° C. Fruits processed in this way retain all the nutrients as well as their natural taste and aroma. During freeze-drying, the product is only deprived of water. The product is completely safe, thanks to the use of low temperature pathogenic or fermentative bacteria and molds have no chance to survive.

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About Us

ADVISORY FOODS  Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing and innovative business, which operates in the health food market. We are a producer of high quality, natural products which exceeds our customers ’expectations. We are deeply committed to providing only the best products of unique nutritional value. We make every effort to ensure our products come from verified sources.

Our quality management division closely monitors and controls every product leaving the plant. The competitiveness of our offer is a result of our ability to directly import the majority of goods which are sold by us, straight from the producers themselves.

By investing in an innovative technological line for the purification, sorting, and packaging of our products, we have achieved a guarantee of product quality and the possibility of offering them at attractive prices. We are proud to offer something to everyone, for which a healthy lifestyle is a priority. We offer gluten and lactose free products, sports food, low glycemic food for diabetics, products for people with autoimmune diseases and many more.

Our products are 100% all natural and do not contain any preservatives or dyes.

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