Protein Shot

Protein Shot is our offer for physically active people who love sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the mixture prepared by us, you will quickly regenerate your body after exhausting training by providing it with the necessary nutrients and microelements!
Spirulina is a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the vitamin C contained in kale, you will accelerate the burning of fats and carbohydrates, boosting your metabolism. Pea protein will ensure the maintenance of muscle mass. Easily digestible carbohydrates and protein will allow you to quickly replenish the deficiency of glycogen in the muscles. By consuming our shots regularly, you enjoy a perfect figure and excellent condition!

Ingredients: powdered dried banana puree, powdered pea protein isolate, powdered freeze-dried kale
concentrated pineapple juice powder, concentrated lemon juice powder, white poppy seeds, spirulina

Information about allergens: none
Method of preparation and dosage: Preferably up to 1 hour. after training. Add 10g of powder (about 2 teaspoons) to 100 ml of water, stirring thoroughly for about 1 minute.

Hygroscopic product – store tightly closed in a dry and cool place.
The package contains 150g.

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