Walnuts are a treasure of health with valuable nutritional properties. It is worth eating a handful of nuts a day, thanks to which we will improve the functioning of the brain, heart, nervous system and the appearance of the skin. It is an excellent source of good vegetable fats.
• contain a large amount of antioxidants and l-arginine, which affect the health of the heart and circulatory system
• significantly increase the level of ALA in the blood, regulating the level of cholesterol in the blood
• consumed in moderation, they have a positive effect on the maintenance of body weight, they have large amounts of high-quality protein and low glycemic level
• recommended for consumption by type 2 diabetics due to the low glycemic level
• high content of antioxidants translates into anti-cancer effect – combating free radicals
• fighting free radicals means the body’s aging process is slower
• they have a positive effect on the brain, improve memory and concentration
• the omega-3 fatty acid content also suggests a reduction in the risk of depression

The product is ready for consumption immediately after opening the package.
The package contains 500g.
Made in Poland.

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